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About Manderley

Manderley Estate Sales (MES) is an insured family owned and operated estate sales company and has been successfully & happily conducting estate sales in Chicago and the surrounding area since 1992. For Manderley, an estate sale isn’t just the organization, research, pricing and marketing to maximize the resale value of your home’s contents, it’s an understanding that a transition in your life has brought us together. Hopefully, it is a happy transition, but so often it is because a loved one has passed away, with that in mind, we are very cognizant of the sensitive nature of your situation. We will always do our best to be respectful of the home we are working in, the lovely items that occupy the home and all the folks we are helping.



It is with great pride that we can share with you that we have been consistently and effectively conducting estate sales since 1992 on a referral basis only. In an effort to meet the needs of those we serve, we are happily making our debut on the web!!! We have a willingness to grow both professionally and personally to always provide you with the best of Manderley. By attending professional conferences and continuing education classes we are continually evolving and providing you with the most current trends in estate sales. Manderley does not hire day laborers, when you hire Manderley you will know who is working in the home. While working together we will walk through this process with you and be available to answer questions and assure you and your family that we will our best to successfully conduct your sale. We enjoy all types of sales, but have special skills in handling hoarder homes and working with families, executors and others who may be located out of town.



Every estate is unique and we understand and are happy to customize a sale to your needs. Manderley pays skilled attention to marketing via social media, professional estate sale sites, extensive & growing email following, flyers, signage & more. As a result of working strictly on a percentage of sales, it is in the best interest of everyone that we work very hard thus realizing the highest return possible in sales. With that said, we are always mindful of pricing for the current, local resale market. This awareness has established a trust between our clients and our faithful customers. Often, the greatest asset that you may be trying to sell is your home and it is our pleasure to market your home in all of our advertisement and to work with your agent.



It is our goal to help families, real estate agents, executors, bereavement specialists, lawyers and all the folks we work with to comfortably and successfully transition the estate. Please know, that for Manderley there is so much more than just reselling a loved ones treasures. We believe that a true desire to be helpful is a characteristic that sets us apart and exemplifies how we have been able to proceed on a referral basis.



Conducting your estate sale is a partnership and we enjoy working with folks that subscribe to an understanding that our goal and business model is to honor your needs. Please allow us to utilize our knowledge, expertise and experience as well as our compassion, sheer joy of being helpful to successfully transition your estate during this time of change. It is our belief that offering a complete estate is optimal for sales thus we do not have a shop, booth or other retail location which would compete with selling items from your estate, at your estate for your profit; we are prideful in not having a conflict of interest.



The concept of being respectful is paramount to Manderley. We have an appreciation for the lifetime of memories, the sensitivity families have during this process as well as the importance of honoring the wishes of our clients. Please know that if we find sentimental items, personal items, or items you may wish to retain we will put those aside for you and not sell them.


Manderley’s Pledge

  • Artfully display, market and advertise your sale.
  • Price your items according to the current local resale value in order to stimulate sales.
  • Provide, friendly, caring and knowledgable staff.
  • We accept all four major credit cards thus increasing sales.
  • Manderley provides a competitive fee of total sales. Currently, we do not require a minimum commission.
  • A commitment to respectfully do our best to sell and care for your estate.

Estate Sale Facts

An estate sale is an amazing opportunity to sell not only your finer items- including antiques, tools, military, coins, jewelry, collectibles, and art but also your everyday household items~ which includes toiletries, cleaning supplies, gardening supplies, and much more. Our best advice, don’t throw anything away unless it is true garbage. Manderley pulled out of the garbage, after the family threw them away, vintage pens valued at over $300.

We will procure a permit if your municipality requires one for your sale.

We are a complete soup to nuts company and we will handle all the aspects of your sale. Pricing, research, advertising as well as contacting appropriate resources when necessary. We can insure that your home is completely emptied, broom swept, vacuumed and ready for the next phase. The unsold items will remain in the home and after the sale and we will work with you to decide if you would like to handle the remaining items or if you would like to have us facilitate the removal of remaining items via a “clean-out/buy-out” option.

In an effort to be respectful to your home and its contents, we control the number of people that enter your home by utilizing a numbering system. We also have special locked cases to insure the safety of your treasures.

We bring in tables, shelving, lighting and more to properly display and merchandise your home’s items. Our passion is to set-up creative vignettes to encourage creativity, purchases and inspire buyers to repurpose, recycle and reuse!


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Susie has been with Manderley since it began in 1992. She learned the ropes by doing research and set-up!!! She joined the team full-time after her third child was born. Susie has always had a love of the old and for decorating. She has loved going to auctions, antique malls and flea markets since she was a child. Some of her favorite pieces are antiques she received as graduation gifts or pieces her grandfather "picked from the alley"! Her degree in psychology is an asset when helping families through what can often be an emotionally taxing period in their lives. "Estate sales are truly more than the stuff a company is trying to sell, it's really about people, their lives, relationships and memories. All of which we honor at Manderley!" Susie also has retail experience in antiques and she finds it very helpful in the estate market.

Sue started Manderley Estate Sales with her dear friend Mary in 1992! Sue and Mary had facilitated the transition of many of their family members estates, so it was a very natural progression to start a company. What started as helping their own families with compassion, respect and knowledge turned into a business when friends, neighbors and customers liked how they were conducting themselves and the sales. "One of the greatest comments we ever received is when a customer told us we provide a ministry for families. It has inspired me and fueled my efforts toward helping families and every sale is another opportunity to be helpful! I feel so lucky that our team is diverse and we bring wisdom, experience, energy, patience and excitement to all our estate sale adventures!" 

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